What is Telegram, where to download the Telegram application, how to use Telegram?

Telegram is a free application for information exchange (messenger), except text you can send files, send music, video and photos to each other. If you want, you can invite your friends to chat in the chat.

Creator – Pavel Durov, known for the popular social network Vkontakte.

The application is convenient for working on different platforms iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, Mac, so that it can be used not only on smartphones and tablets, but also on a home computer.

Address to download: https://www.telegram.org

The app is available in the App Store, Google Play. To register in the application, you must specify your mobile phone number, then enter the confirmation code from the sent SMS message or phone call of the robot, which dictates the digital password. You can open several sessions at the same time, entering from different devices, there are no restrictions.

Functionality Telegram is similar to other messengers, but according to the application creators, its main advantages over competitors WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Snapchat, Line, etc.) – speed, security, data storage in the cloud (remote server) and free of charge.

Telegram reliably encrypts its own traffic, all calculations are performed on a remote server, and the client part only encrypts the data and sends it to the server. For stable operation, a unique protocol was created, which significantly increased the security and protection against unauthorized loss of information.

At simultaneous exchange of messages and photos of participants of a chat, competitors considerably concede to Telegram on speed of delivery of the information. Telegram has the ability to allocate and send many photos at once, rather than one at a time.

The creators of the application, Pavel and Nikolay Durov, twice declared a contest for burglars, offering a solid reward of $ 200,000 if successful. In the first case, a gap was found, the application was finalized, the results of the second contest, announced in December 2014, are not yet available.

To develop related services and applications, you can use the Telegraph API: https://core.telegram.org/bots/api

The average coverage of the publication in the telegraph is from 50% to 80% of subscribers, the CTR is from 5% to 20%.

Why do we need telegrams?

There are a lot of questions, why do I untwist the channel in the telegraph, in which my profit.

  • Additional channel of appeal to the audience, readers. Given the growth of messengers, it is worth exploring this direction.
  • The telegraph has a very good payback, and the operational notification format is convenient.
  • I often repeat in posts that a blogger needs to be where his audience is: an audience of seoshnyh and smm blogs today in facebook, vkontakte, telegraph, a little of it remained on Twitter.
  • Some of my customers are interested in the introduction of instant messengers in their promotion strategy: snapchat, telegrams.

Channels and chats in telegram

You can communicate in telegraph with each other, and you can participate in group chats, subscribe to channels.

Chat rooms are created for communication, all participants can write in them.

Channels are created for the dissemination of information, it’s like blogs or news feed: you select interesting channels, subscribe, get interesting information right in the messenger.

How to subscribe to the channel in Telegram?

Subscribe to the channel, chat is very simple.

After registering in the telegraph – go here: https://telegram.me/adneinfo and click Join Channel (Subscribe to the Channel) – the button at the bottom. So you subscribe to our channel, in which there are many interesting things not only about telegrams.

Differences of Telegram from other sites

  • Coverage: reaches an average of 70% of subscribers
  • Alerts: you can make posts with notifications – they are hard to miss.
  • No likes, comments: minimum feedback and trolling

The telegram is a separate platform. Here we need an author’s approach.

10 reasons to start using Telegram

  1. In addition to the standard messenger, it also channels, something akin to public in social. networks, but with the specifics of the messenger
  2. Everything is just beginning. In many niches there are still no obvious leaders among the channels. And Telegram itself is constantly evolving, for example, if you follow the logic of Chinese Wichata, then there should be a payment system, but now many are actively and many are selling through telegrams. And why? Because:
  3. This is a very high-quality audience. Active solvent people.
  4. There are group chats in the Telegram. Many thematic, where you can ask advice from professionals, talk with colleagues.
  5. Telegram is convenient for work: communication with the team, closed group chat on projects.
  6. A telegram channel, created only for yourself, can be used as a bookmarking service, collect ideas, make sketches – in this it is even more convenient than Evernote and others. Available on all devices. It is convenient to write posts for the blog, for example: in the morning you do sketches from the tablet, in the afternoon you get ideas from the smartphone, in the evening you collect everything on the desktop.
  7. There are bots in Telegram: you can run automated services inside the messenger, the only question is how to do not service for the sake of service, but something useful for yourself.
  8. Telegrams – an interesting assembly point for the audience article, the effectiveness is even better than mailing (but in fairness – unsubscribe easier).
  9. Telegram is not only about information distribution – it’s also a story about convenient consumption – please channel catalogs, collect your own selection. In this regard, he is replacing me more and more for Twitter.
  10. Many use telegrams as file sharing.

Telegrams for business: opportunities and ways of using Telegrams

How can you use telegrams in business? We looked at a few examples, asked the owners of some channels, finally, they had time to try something and below a small list of messenger possibilities for business.

  • Organize customer support. The expert can answer, and on some frequent questions it is possible to put a bot.
  • Talk about the news of the store, promotions and special offers. Channels in Telegram are very similar to public Vkontakte. Through them you can notify customers about promotions, changes in the range or price policy. Using this promotion tool, it is important not to spam users. Given the percentage of viewing messages, this is a great way to remind yourself.
  • Create a bot for Telegram. In itself, the presence of the company’s own bot for Telegram tells others about its high technological development and following the trends. Bots are an excellent solution to clients’ problems without involving “live” personnel. Bots are able to inform customers, answering frequent questions, checking links and files, and much more.
  • Present your own stickers. Stickers allow you to express yourself and they are distributed free of charge.
  • Share thoughts on the development of the company. It is possible in a narrow circle of colleagues. Telegram provides a high level of message security. However, you can make the internal kitchen public and show your customers your work from the inside. Become closer to the consumer.
  • Organize the workflow. It is very useful for corporate workflow or for file exchange with customers
  • Organize the work of employees. Telegram supports the creation of private groups. Thus, the work of each department can be coordinated in a separate chat room.
  • Make a store product catalog. Through the API, you can make a bot to select the goods directly in the messenger.