Crypto currency Synereo AMP – what is it, review and feedback on Decentralized social network

Synereo is a decentralized social network (a superstructure over other social platforms), a toolkit for creators and content distributors with its own Synereo AMP currency, which can be purchased at crypto-exchanges.

The better the content that you create, the more subscribers you have, the mission of Synereo is to make content creators earn without intrusive advertising.

At the same time, if you are able to make good selections and collect an audience – this can also be monetized through Synereo.

Buying Synereo AMP – you buy crypto money, which can be exchanged for exchangers for bitcoin and other analogues, and also within the network we can spend AMP on strengthening your publications.

But during the preliminary sale, which took place at a price of 187 AMP for one US dollar, only 8,102,419 AMP was sold. This gave an amount of 173 b / c, or $ 44,275.

One of the advantages of this crypto currency is that Synereo is a legal entity in the United States. Therefore, machinations with AMP will have consequences.


Introducing domestic currency in social networks is not a new business. However, here there is decentralization, which means that the main share of the profit should be received by content creators, rather than owners of social networks.

Synereo – the project in development – the first stage is the creation of superstructures over existing networks.

Let’s say you published a post on Facebook, want to make it popular – pay AMP and a decentralized system distributes it to interested individuals, and for the fact that they have paid attention to your post, they will also receive their share from your payment. This is also the monetization of users’ attention – part of the so-called Attention Economy.

According to experts, the use of block technology in this area will allow to protect copyrights and give authors much more revenue than when distributed by traditional methods, when the main profit remains with intermediaries, social platforms, advertising networks, etc.

While the system has not been widely spread and its prospects are vague, nevertheless the SYNEROA AMP crypto currency is “spinning” on stock exchanges and there are many private investors in their portfolios.