Where and how you can quickly buy Bitcoin and Ethereum through a credit or debit card or through PayPall – 3 best ways

A small selection of services where you can buy bitcoin and etherium with a credit card.

– a company that sells Bitcoin and Ethereum with calculations through credit and debit cards. A popular office, in any case – is present in a variety of similar reviews and is often recommended on forums. It’s worth noting, this is not a broker, they sell bitcoin from their stocks.

Commission 6%. There are restrictions: $ 5000 per day.

Verification is required.

Opinion: the services that sell their bitcoins, there is a big drawback. The principle of their work: buy cheaper, sell more. If the rate falls, it is not profitable for them to sell the more expensive bitcoins. The lower the rate from their purchase, the less it is profitable for them. Yes, they can trade for a while at a loss, so as not to lose customers. But often when the course falls, they begin to “overload”, “failures in work,” etc.

is a global platform that provides the fastest purchases of bitcoins in more than 200 accounts with a credit or debit card and without registration.

If you use the card for the first time, you will receive a call from Indacoin with a 4-digit code, which should be entered on the page of your order.

You will have a limit of $ 50 for the first transaction, $ 100 for the second transaction, available after four days of the initial purchase and $ 500 after the eight days of the first purchase. The total limit for the first month is $ 5,000, and then no limits at all.

Since your card is checked, the crypto currency is sent automatically within ten minutes after payment.

– probably this is the most popular service in Europe for buying and selling bitcoin and etherum.

Here you can get a free bitcoin-purse, buy bitkoyn with Visa, Mastercard. Here you can and sell bitcoins.