Crypto currency PIVX – features, whether it is worth investing in PIVX

Overview of the PIVX Crypto Currency

60 seconds for block formation is one of the advantages of PIVX.

PIVX is a Dash clone with a number of features. Like its predecessor, PIVX is positioned as an anonymous and secure crypto currency. From its advantages – the speed of transactions.

PIVX competes with Dash, Monero (in the matter of anonymity).

PivX – Private Instant Verified Transaction – Confidential Instant Verified Transaction.

Like Dash, there are 2 types of users – ordinary and privileged nodes (Masterdnodes). Masternodes have more decisive voices in matters of system development. Become “cool” will help 10,000 coins on the balance sheet. Masternodes provide anonymity (mix money transfers), transaction speed and verification.

The transaction takes place in seconds, without waiting for the generation of a new block – simply by checking several master functions (the SwiftTX system).

PIVX transactions use the Zerocoin system (there is also ZCash), which makes its transactions private, creating a new second-level currency called zPIV.

Is it worth investing in PIVX?

For a long-term period – no – because the currency is trying to manipulate large groups of traders. But it’s worth looking at the trends that these groups create and earn on scalping.

It is difficult to find information about the creators.

Agree, it is difficult to trust the coin, whose creators are represented in this way.

PIVX has many more capitalized competitors, which actively attract an audience that needs anonymity.

On the other hand, PIVX – a project not burdened with significant social connections and the reputation of creators, can therefore afford to experiment, as well as zairat the most interesting ideas of competitors.