Which shares are the most profitable on the Moscow Stock Exchange (statistics), what to buy in 2018 on the Russian stock market (forecast)

We will track the stock prices of Russian companies traded on the Moscow stock exchange and choose the top 10 which added in value for 2017.

Have grown since the beginning of the year

  1. Tuchkovsky Combine of Building Materials; 316.21%
  2. Red October, share of pref. 189.49%
  3. OPIN (Open Investments), the share of. 174.29%
  4. AVTOVAZ, share pref. 143.54%
  5. Kazanorgsintez, share pref. 143.17%
  6. Central Telegraph, share pref. 111.79%
  7. FESCO, share of. 109.72%
  8. YuzhUral-Asco, the share is about. 107.41%
  9. IDGC of Center and Volga Region, share. 104.49%
  10. TGK-2, the share of. 93.02%
 Moscow Stock Exchange

Which shares are the most profitable on the Moscow Stock Exchange (statistics).

Shares from the Moscow Stock Exchange Index

  1. Tatneft, share pref. 61.82%
  2. Yandex, the stock is about. 52.70%
  3. RUSAL Plc, the stock is about. 43.28%
  4. Sberbank of Russia, share pref. 39.10%
  5. MMK, the stock is about. 33.60%
  6. Sberbank of Russia, the share of. 25.77%
  7. Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port, the stock is about. 22.32%
  8. NLMK, the share of. 22.18%
  9. Akron, the stock is about. 11.81%
  10. Dixie Group, share. 11.77%

Where else can you find such growth, except for crypto currencies?

Forecast for the shares of Sberbank, Gazprom: which stocks will grow in 2018?

The OPEC oil agreement makes Russian oil-producing companies attractive. The most interesting in this respect are the shares of Gazprom, which is actively continuing its expansion into foreign markets and has high dividends.
It is worth paying attention to LUKOIL, which, as noted in Goldman Sachs, due to a decrease in capital costs in mature fields, it became possible to increase dividends.

From the banking sector, Sberbank is traditionally of interest, whose financial performance continues despite the crisis.

If the ruble shows signs of a decline, it will become a negative factor for the entire market, but especially for companies that generate ruble revenue. Escape to the shares of companies with foreign exchange earnings is a good option to wait out the harsh times.

Large banks under sanctions, so there are no breakthroughs to wait.

The exception is Sberbank – cleaning the banking market adds points to it, making it more attractive to depositors. Integration in the PS World, development plans – all this makes this paper very attractive.

Energy companies suffer from lower oil quotations + sanctions pressure, Gazprom under serious pressure, as well as Rosneft.

It is worth paying attention to Mosenergo, Rusal, Yandex.

Because of falling incomes of the population, the revenue from retail is less. Although, in the low-income consumer segment oriented – the Dixy network – the prospects are very interesting.

In view of the growth in the defense order, enterprises linked to the military industrial complex will feel good.