ICO Kairos – blockchain in face recognition – FACE Token

ICO Kairos is an event expected by investors. Let’s see how interesting this company is and whether it is perspective to invest in it.

Kairos work in the field of artificial intelligence, specialize in face recognition.
ICO Kairos

Thanks to computer vision and computer training, Kairos can recognize faces in video, photos and in the real world.

Technology is interesting to bankers (customer identification), advertisers (personal advertising), special government services (people search, control), dating services (search and identification) and social networks.

Given the wide scope of technology, investments in such projects seem promising.

Among its customers are called Disney and Walmart, which also speaks in favor of investing.

Kairos make identification utilities, based on face biometrics and blockchain technology. The actual blockade here allows you to control the privacy issues of the individual (protect your anonymity and control the possibility of identification).

ICO will start in April 2018. Selling will be Kairos Security token and Kairos Utility / Identity token. In fact, there are two ICOs in one.

Opinion: face identification technologies are developing very quickly. And soon the protection from constant “recognition” will be in demand not less than adblock for sites.