New ideas for video for Youtube

Sometimes it’s hard to think of anything to shoot a video for your channel on Youtube. Here I am collecting ideas that will help to get out of the difficulty.

Travel around the country’s cities: a low budget will allow you to travel around the country by train. We shoot cities, people. Plus, interlocutors and their stories on the train – it’s quite pull and on a separate channel.

In large cities every day there are various exhibitions, conferences: visit them make videos. These are great prospects for business in the exhibition area. The idea works for other cultural and sporting events.

Talk about your life – every day, lead a video blog.

Do interview with specialists in this or that area, let them tell about their work.

Conduct a master class. Do you dance well or knit? Interested in foreign languages? Or, maybe, cook deliciously? Then share your knowledge with the audience by releasing a series of video lessons. In such videos, you can step-by-step demonstrate and explain a process, or simply talk about any interesting facts from the chosen field.

My city – take a video tour of your city, likewise: my university, school, work, etc.

Visit and make a video clip from the exhibition on the topics of your channel.

10 things that I like (I’m afraid, I do not like)

Parodies – often fall into TOPs, especially high-quality ones. Write down your remake on a popular film, a well-known commercial, some cartoon and so on. The skills of the makeup artist are simply necessary, although you can take it out at the expense of the creative.

Video discussion. Use your channel to take one side of a topic. Argument your position. Or find someone who takes the opposite position and involve in the discussion. It will be interesting

Video answers to popular questions in the niche of your channel. We look for common questions in the voidstate and the answers on the mail.
You buy a lot of things: unpacking, testing, your feedback is the basis for a lot of videos.

The main secret of video marketing on Youtube: the title + virus thumbnail for video – 50% success.

Turn on the camera, sit in a chair in front of her and read your favorite poems or prose. Pass the baton to other wolograms.
Take a walk in the evening city: take a walk, people, city. Very interesting than living in other cities of the country.

Weekend – are held by people in different ways. Someone goes to the forest for skiing, someone is going to a noisy company, and some prefer to tinker with a car in the garage at the weekend. This is all suitable for recording clips.

What books did I read?

Make your version of the popular video. Variations of Harlem Shake at the peak of its popularity arose on the Internet as mushrooms after the rain, but now it’s too late to do something similar unless, of course, you want to be affected. Even earlier, the same story was with some other video. Keep track of what is popular, and try to catch the wave.

If there are no ideas, what to shoot or what to do, then we offer you the top 5 most popular channels in the world:

  • PewDiePie – more than 42 million subscribers. The entertainment channel is dedicated to the passage of different games.
  • HolaSoyGerman – more than 26 million subscribers. Entertainment channel with humorous content. The most popular Spanish-language channel.
  • Smosh – almost 22 million subscribers. Another entertainment channel with a variety of videos.
  • ElrubiusOMG – almost 17 million subscribers. A channel about games. Also entertaining.

Production videos (Sketches, skits) : most often, it’s staging some ridiculous situations or moments. Mini-films with their own plot, script and actors.

If you are enraged or something you like insanely, then talk about it publicly. Show your anger and passion in the posts. It’s emotional, it will attract attention. But this approach is not for everyone.