Ideas for instagram photo, posts

What kind of photo should I make today? Where to get ideas for instagram? Add this page to the bookmarks and you will always have a quick access to the collection of ideas for photos in the Instagram.

A cup of coffee – take a photo and wish the subscribers a good morning.

What’s in your hiking bag, backpack.

Tip: Communicate with your subscribers. Try to come up with interesting captions, write with humor, tell details about what’s happening in the photo, ask questions to subscribers, it’s very important. People are interested not only in looking at photos, but also being involved in the life of the author.

  1. Open books – tell us something useful, share the inspirational book you read.
  2. Notepads, pens – tell us about your plans for the day.
  3. Photo Challenges: Make calls to your audience.

Architecture – buildings, streets, old buildings. Walking, going from work, studying, on the road, there are always interesting buildings, the old center is in every city. New buildings are also attractive, it all depends on your vision, take some original pictures. For example, take a photo of the building from the bottom up, obliquely, along the fence, with the use of filters, such a picture can be very original, stylized as an antique.

  • Do you like to cook? Take a picture of the part of the process.
  • Take a picture of your workplace.
  • Your favorite place in the city.