Ideas of business in a small city. What business to open in a small town?

According to the reports of a number of banks that issue loans for the opening of a small business, the most popular business direction for entrepreneurs is connected with cafes and restaurants.

Here it is worth noting that even in large cities, there is a shortage of such institutions, targeting people with an average salary in this region.

As a less troublesome and less profitable alternative – vending (trade through special machines). Minimum participation, the opportunity to enter the business, having a minimum amount. More details about vending machines.

Food is something that will always be in demand. So the idea is to open a grocery store.

Given that the country is growing in fertility, it will be timely to open a store for children. Here by the way very quick payback and there are ready-made solutions.

Since franchising is mentioned, look at the option to open a business for ready and tested schemes. Of the advantages, in addition to simplifying many tasks, it is easier to obtain a loan from a bank.

A few simple options:

  • Business for the manufacture of keys.
  • Private autoinstructor, lawyer, accountant services.
  • Services or courses of a hairdresser, masseur, seamstress.
  • Repair work, etc. (Mediation is also important here).

Profitable business in a small town

You can consider less mundane ideas:

  1. Dancing school.
  2. Center for Early Childhood Development.
  3. Souvenir shop.
  4. Hotel for pets.
  5. Shop for fishing and hunting.
  6. Drapery.
  7. Night club.
  8. Bar.
  9. Studio.
  10. Coffee house.

It should be remembered that in a city with a small population and solvency is lower. But the huge plus is the fact that the rent of premises is much lower than in big cities.

Which store to open in a small town

First of all, it is worth analyzing the market and abandoning ideas for which there are already 1 or more outlets. However, it is worth to evaluate and location.

Let’s say several shops for pets are open at one end of the city, there is formal saturation, but if you open a similar store across the city, it will also be in demand, as there are no competitors nearby.

The simplest business is to open a store.

Of those stores that in recent years in the trend:

  • childen’s goods,
  • Goods for pets,
  • Hardware stores,
  • car accessories,
  • Shop of fabrics and sewing accessories.

What business is advantageous to open in a small city?

In a small city it is quite possible to open a profitable business if you carefully study the demand and needs of the local population. In the provincial town, the income level of people is much lower than in the megalopolis, but the cost of renting a room and starting capital for business organization will also be much smaller.

There is another advantage of opening a business in a small city – the high level of quality of goods and services will not go unnoticed, and the best advertisement will be the word of mouth of satisfied customers.


However prosaic and traditional this business was, the hairdresser of a broad profile is always provided with a front of work. Even if the town is very small, then the men who live in it need to get a haircut, and the desire of women to be beautiful and well-groomed is the same everywhere – in the capital and on the periphery. In the hairdresser must be a master of manicure and pedicure and a beauty salon.

Butcher shop

The organization of a small butcher’s shop, where there will always be fresh and quality products, is almost a win-win option. Now more and more people prefer to come to a clean store, where at the highest level and sanitary condition, and service, and, importantly, weight. In the range it is advisable to have sausages, smoked products, etc. It is important to choose a good place for the store, but definitely it should not be located on the city market.

Flower shop

No holiday can do without flowers. But since we are talking about business in a small city, it is advisable to organize a comprehensive agency where you can buy flowers, order a holiday decoration or organize a celebration and other related services.

Furniture repair workshop

Acquisition of upholstered furniture is a good idea, but quite costly, sometimes repairs are much cheaper, and a sofa or an armchair after restoration can hardly be distinguished from a new product. Usually, if there are professional, diligent masters in such a workshop, they always have very many orders.

Homemade baking

Today, both in a large megalopolis and in a provincial town, women do not have enough time to bake sweets, cakes, homemade cakes, favorite by all household members. And before the family holiday, there is so much trouble that there are not enough forces to make a birthday cake.

Therefore, for confectioners, the idea of ​​organizing a private confectionery is very important. Home baking is a demanded product, and the profitability of this business depends on the quality of the products.