Social media, blogs and facebook post ideas

Here we will collect ideas for posts in facebook, twitter, blog, etc. A collection of practical tips that will help you when your own ideas are no longer enough.

We go to the news sites and:

  1. See the current news and write your opinion on one of them, it is desirable that the topic fell into the format of your blog. This will attract the attention of people who are hurt by the news, perhaps they will become part of your audience.
  2. As you understand, a lot of news passes every day and you always have something to react to.

We enter your keywords into the news search, see what the newsers write about, maybe you missed a trend in your niche.

Make an overview of your favorite films and TV shows or films on the subject of your project.

Tell us about your hobby.

Tell us about your city, its sights and your favorite places, add high-quality photos and videos.

FAQ Fast (Frequently Asked Questions) : if you receive recurring questions from customers or the audience, then there is a great chance that they will write the same questions in Google and other search engines. Create content around these topics.

Make a selection of quotes – favorite or by subject.

  1. Fasting with answers to readers’ questions.
  2. Choose a person of interest to you and your readers and make an interview.
  3. Tell us about the 3 most important books for you.
  4. Make an overview of the top 10 of your favorite sites.
  5. Review the top 10 of your favorite blogs. Such reviews are very well received response.

A selection of 5 of your best articles on the blog. In general, learn how to reuse your old materials. For example, they can be packaged in a book and donated in exchange for a subscription.

Choose an interesting topic that you have not touched on the blog yet. Read it on Wikipedia. Make a plan out of 5 consecutive posts, develop plans for each of the posts, carefully examine each point of the plan (wikipedia + other sites). Write a mini-series.

Make a selection of quotes of famous experts in your niche or just quotes that you like.

Describe your day: from morning to evening, with pictures.

Tell us about your work, university, school.

Find a well-attended forum on your topic. As a rule, professional forums are often visited by newcomers who like to ask many questions even when the topic has been cheated a million times. Track what questions are asked by beginners – among them, for certain, you will find those on which it is possible to write a post (and maybe even not one).

Do reviews of your successes: for example, you can publish blog statistics every month. It can include the requests that brought you the most traffic, as well as the sites from which you received the most visitors. Some bloggers publish their earnings from their partners (although this idea seems silly to me personally).

Tip: blog is a personal opinion. Therefore, any ideas and themes should be represented in refraction through their subjective world. A blog is a feed of the author as a person – first of all, and then there is already a disclosure of subjects. On the blog are not only for information, but also for communicating with the author.

In view of this, it is optimal for a blog to choose the topics that are most interesting to you, with which you deal constantly. Personal contact with the topic will make the material more lively and interesting, cause a feedback from the audience, and this is extremely important for promotion.

A few templates that will help you not only choose a topic for the post, but also come up with an original and bright title that will attract your readers and friends.

  • 10 Facts about _______ about which you did not know!
  • 10 Reasons to hate _________
  • Top 10 Blogs About ________
  • 10 Secrets __________
  • How does it work ______ ?
  • How to be the best in _______
  • ______: Myths and Facts
  • 10 The worst mistakes in _______ that you can admit
  • 10 Shocking facts about _________
  • 10 Questions about _________
  • Everything you know about _________ is wrong!
  • 10 The best videos about ________
  • 10 The best quotes about _________
  • 10 Experts on _______ on Twitter
  • 10 Tweets about __________
  • 10 Rules _______, which you should know
  • How I increased my _________ by 200%
  • 10 Effective tricks in ________ that you do not yet use
  • It remains only to substitute the right words.

Post Problem / Solution : this type of post has a simple format:
Identify the problem;
Submit a solution

Many interesting ideas can be found on and adapt them to social networks or develop these topics in a blog.

Post – Checklist: if the content that you distribute can be broken into a “checklist”, it will always work better. People like the format of checklist, because it’s easier to perceive and apply content – when it is painted in this way. This can be a format of “Did one, then do it two …”.